✏︎ I placed an order and was wondering when I can expect it to be processed? 
We always try to ship within 1-2 business days of an order being completed. Upon shipment, you'll recieve an email with a tracking number. It normally takes anywhere from 3-5 days to reach you--depending on where you live!

✏︎ What is the best way to care for Lowered Values merchandise?
We truly hope this becomes a staple go-to in your closet. Since we screenprint most of our merchandise, here is our recommended guide for washing your new teeshirt or sweatshirt:

Always wash our garments inside out in cold water with a mild detergent. If possible, avoid drying it in a dryer--letting it air dry works best. If you are looking to slightly shrink your new garment, dry it on the lowest setting for small increments of time till you get the fit you desire. Lastly, use spot cleaner to get the stains out when they occur, but avoid bleach if possible.

✏︎ Lots of companies offer free shipping, why don't you?
If it was possible to do free shipping (on orders and returns) we would. At this point, we do not offer free shipping to keep the prices on our products low while giving reasonable compensation to the artists involved in the production of the item.

✏︎ Why do you offer exclusive discounts at in-person events, like car shows?
While we believe our web store pricing to be fair, we aim to generate excitement for these in-person events through these exclusive discounts.

✏︎ I have an idea for something, do you accept requests commissioned work?
If you are interested in a commissioned piece of lettering, signage, or design feel free to send us an email! I’ve done prior work with Open Road Tuning, Rhymesayers Entertainment, Fifth Element, and Eurowerks to name a few.

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