01/14 We Are Lowered Values : 1998 VW Jetta


WE ARE LOWERED VALUES. With our debut year behind us, it is probably a long overdue introduction I have on my hands. We are a clothing company based out of the midwest.
Our products are produced in small batches, and are screenprinted in-house. The goal of Lowered Values isn't to re-invent the wheel, but to create an honest approach to the process behind a lifestyle company in this industry. Everything we do, even down to our letterpressed hangtags, are built by us with handset typography. The goal is to always keep innovating, as we take steps forward as a company and in our individual builds. 


IT STARTED AS A DAILY. Which is how, it seems, a lot of builds begin. The problem was it was just too clean, and I enjoyed driving it. I bought the car here in Minnesota about a month before I sold my Frankenturbo'd Volkswagen 337. After meeting Andrew at Open Road Tuning during Euro Hangar 2013, a plan was hatched to get the Jetta on bags before the next show we would be sponsoring, Dubs In The Valley 2013. This left us about four full days to get the car on the ground after sourcing the parts. So hardlines were bent, wheels and a manifold were polished, a euro bumper was painted, brakes were upgraded, notched the frame, and the 15 year old paint was given some care. 

We finished the Jetta about eight hours before we headed out to DIV. Having never driven a car on air-ride, a road trip across Wisconsin was a perfect test of how I liked it. My vote had previously been cast, however, after seeing the car air'd out for the first time two nights prior. (The stock wheels disappeared under the fenders with the flip of a switch.) The seven-hour road trip made me fall in love with the car, and the AccuAir
E-Level Touchpad provided a simple management solution that worked flawlessly.

WINTER IS LONG HERE IN MINNESOTA. Which means you have time to get work done. So the Jetta has gone back in the garage for another facelift. The Salad Shooters have been sold, and some widening of wheels is currently being done by the other half of Lowered Values, That Wheel Guy. I've been working on redoing the trunk/tank set up, and cleaning up the engine bay. Body work is being done to fix a little bit of rust, and some more euro bits are going in for paint.. A constant progression of endless projects.

A YEAR LATER. And I cannot thank everyone for their help enough, both in Lowered Values and with the build. I cannot wait to show you what the spring line-up entails, and we couldn't have grown without your support. Thank you to Kelsey, who braved the frigid air temperature during the shoot to showcase some of our ladies tees. And to 
Chad Truss Photography for approaching me about the shoot.

* FRIDAY FEATURES, IN THE FUTURE. After kicking off "Show and a Shirt," where we throw a contest with submitted cars and give away a booth spot and a tee/sticker pack, we will also be doing a similar contest for our monthly features. More details to come later this month, but stay tuned with our facebook page for info on how to submit your builds.