What We're Working On / What We're Working On

What We're About

We are a clothing company, of sorts, based out of the midwest.
We are a little old school, and believe in doing things the right
way from the beginning. We value spending free time helping
friends with their builds, not because it is what we should do,
but because it is what we want to do. We are passionate about 
our work as individuals, in builds, and as a company.
We do these things not because they are easy,
but because we will always live low.

All is fair in love and low.

The Lowered Values Mission Statement is simple. 
It's a code we live by as car builders, and as members 
of our community. We're straight out of the midwest, 
and proud of it. The goal for Lowered Values is to take 
this mentality that we live and breathe, and create a line 
of clothing that communicates this sincerely through lan-
guage and form. Our products are built like the cars in 
our garage, from the ground up with an intense attention 
to detail. For this summer I am proud to bring the comm-
unity a lineup of vinyl, tees, sweatshirts, and accessories
with logos and type that play on the semantic structure 
found within the industry. Our products are printed right 
here in the Twin Cities, in limited batches and colorways. 
The goal is for our goods to get better with age, 
and with a bit of oil on them. 

Please stay tuned for blog posts and new items in the store!


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